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Laser Center

Skin Resurfacing - This procedure, also called laser resurfacing or laser peel, utilizes a carbon dioxide laser to remove areas of damaged or wrinkled skin, layer by layer. Common treatment includes areas of fine lines around the mouth and eyes, facial scars, and areas of uneven pigmentation. Men and women of all ages are prime candidates for the treatment. The best skin type for treatment is one that is fair, healthy, and non-oily. Patients with olive, brown, or black skin may be at risk for pigmentation changes following the surgery. A patient's skin characteristics should be evaluated prior to treatment.

The procedure itself is often very quick. The surgeon will pass an activated laser back and forth over the target area until the level is reached where wrinkles and scars will be less visible. Once the area has been treated, the site may be covered with a protective cream (or ointment), and may also be covered with a bandage to protect the skin for up to ten days. Several treatment sessions may be necessary depending on the depth of the imperfections, and how large of an area is being treated.

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